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Xổ số Kiến Giang Tuần trướcStudents bring a unique mix of passion and enthusiasm while contributing to the Hospital and their community.

Volunteering at St. Boniface Hospital is a great way for students to develop work and people skills while giving back and learning about the healthcare system. Students are able to volunteer in a wide variety of Hospital settings. Some of the benefits are letters of reference and the ability to complete volunteer hours that contribute to school credits.

St. Boniface Hospital Summer Student Program introduces young people to a hospital setting. Volunteers must be 16 years of age or older. Interested student volunteers are encouraged to apply by early March for placement in the summer months. Students are asked to commit to one shift per week, for two to four hours per shift, until the last week of August.

Xổ số Kiến Giang Tuần trướcIf interested, Summer Student Program volunteers can continue their volunteer position throughout the school year.

Please fill out an online application to apply for the Summer Student Program.